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About Us!

Team Bath Heart are a University of Bath competition team designing the next artificial heart for the Heart Hackathon competition. The aim of our team is to design, prototype and test an artificial heart and compete with teams worldwide whilst contributing to the global development of total artificial hearts.

Why Join Us?

As a university, through competition teams, we are always challenging ourselves to be part of the next big innovation. These teams include the likes of racing, rockets, robotics and more…

Team Bath Heart however, has the potential to save lives, this is what drives us to take part in Heart Hackathon. Going up against mostly Biomed and Medical engineers, we are excited to share our ideas and look forward to presenting our design at the competition, as we hope to contribute to the global development of total artificial hearts.

We welcome anyone who hopes to contribute to our efforts! So if you’d like to represent the University of Bath and join us as we take on this challenge, please get in touch!