Heart Hackathon

Heart Hackathon is the world’s first total artificial heart design competition, aiming to nurture and inspire the next generation in cardiovascular innovation.

What is the Heart Hackathon?

Heart Hackathon is an artificial heart design competition, organised to help progress the next generation of cardiovascular innovation.

Student-led teams design, prototype and evaluate their total artificial heart, competing with teams worldwide. The competition is held annually at the International Society for Mechanical Circulatory Support (ISMCS) conference, where the competing teams will collate their research and present it to a panel of judges. Each team’s artificial heart design is then assessed on various criteria by international experts, including the quality of their research, as well as innovation and commercialisation plans.

The competion is a great opportunity for students to apply skills they have developed at University and test themselves.

Heart Hackathon is a great platform for students to connect with industry professionals and researchers in artificial heart, providing valuable networking opportunities.

Our journey so far…

We are proud to be the first winners of the Heart Hackathon.