About Us!

Team Bath Heart are a University of Bath competition team designing the next artificial heart for the Heart Hackathon competition, with the aim to design, prototype and test an artificial heart and compete with teams worldwide whilst contributing to the global development of total artificial hearts.

Team Bath Heart

Join a completely different competition team this year in Team Bath Heart to compete in the international Heart Hackathon competition! It is a great chance to expand your skillset outside your course, with roles in all year groups and disciplines within the University of Bath!

The Team

We are a diverse University of Bath competition team, comprising of individuals from various disciplines spanning across different academic years.

The Competition

Heart Hackathon is the world’s first total artificial heart design competition, aiming to nurture and inspire the next generation in cardiovascular innovation.

Our Progress

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“I became a part of TBH to learn more about the biomedical engineering field and what it takes to create a total artificial heart.”

Mansi ahuja

Team Lead

“I joined the TBH to learn more about medical engineering and get an insight into business aspects, such as finance and marketing!”

ashviny ramanathan

Commercial Team Lead

” I joined TBH to be a part of a team contributing to furthering research into total artificial hearts, aiming to improve the lives of patients in the future”

Lucy bilsborrow

Technical Team Lead

“We joined Team Bath Heart to be part of an innovative and exciting team and learn more about medical engineering! “

Finn Sofroniou


Aaron wong

Simulations Leads

“Team Bath Heart’s welcoming and encouraging environment made me feel like I belonged.”

Ava treulter

Biology Lead

“We joined TBH to learn more about medical engineering to potentially change others’ lives and to meet other people interested this technology!”

Emma Hudson


Adam slezak

Electrical Leads

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Grand Final Countdown

Countdown to the Heart Hackathon 2024 Grand Final, 13th November 2024.

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